This is my fat.

June 15, 2010

As I mentioned earlier:  This is my fat.  This is a statement that might need a little explaining.

My husband is a fan of the morning radio show, The Bob and Tom Show.  I think it must be a guy thing.  A few fart jokes, a running gag about Godzilla, that sort of thing.  It’s just PG-13 enough that he honors my demand request that he only listens to this show in a kid-free zone.  (Which is, conveniently, usually a wife-free zone as well.)

I’ve been haunted lately by one of the gags that ran on Bob and Tom several years ago.  The discussion was about women who, after marriage and a few kids, kind of let themselves go.  I will likely butcher the majority of the joke, but I will share the punchline:  After the third kid, her maternity clothes ARE her regular clothes.

Along the same lines, many years ago, before I was married and had children, back in the days when I wore cute underwear (and not these bullet-proof, Lycra-bound numbers) and remembered where I put things, I heard another statement:  After a year after having the baby, it’s not baby fat anymore.  It’s your fat.

So there you have it.  We were helping Tiny Tim blow out his one candle, enjoying the sight of him sampling the frosting on his “smash cake” and smearing it from chin to hair, and in the back of my mind I kept thinking “Ugh.  This is My Fat.”

In the grand scheme of things, I will admit that I’m probably doing okay.  I’m wearing most of my pre-baby clothes, my BMI is back in the normal range.  I know that many women struggle harder and feel like they have so far to go.  So I should just be quiet and eat my carrot sticks and keep my perseverations to myself.  It’s just that I feel like I’m trying harder than I have in my whole life to drop the rest of the weight and it’s so stubborn!

Well, I can be just as stubborn.  I’ll keep moving and keep up the good fight and we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, though, I’ll fess up – that love of frosting?  I know where he gets it from!

For the Love of Frosting


One Response to “This is my fat.”

  1. pets Says:

    A beautiful cake face!

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