First steps.

June 11, 2010

My baby turned one.  And while I could spend time going through all those typical emotions that go along with seeing my little Fatty McFatterson (which you must say with a Scottish accent if you can muster one) (“Where has the time gone??”  “A year already??” etc.) I chose to dwell on another issue entirely:  This is my fat.

But before I launch into that, I also wanted to explain that hitting the one year mark also made me think that my window of the all-encompassing excuse “I just had a baby” is closing, and it’s time I got down to business.  Which is why I am here.

I said to my husband, Bryan:  “I think I’d like to try a little writing.”  (My husband is a very patient man.)

I have 3 children, one husband, one dog, two cats (but no partridges or pear trees).  I work full-time outside the home.  I just finished earning a master’s degree, which was actually my third one.  And despite the constant 3-ring circus-appearance of my life, I make time for fitness and running every day.

I’m not as thin as I want to be — and to be honest, I’m not a lot of things yet that I’d like to be.  But I think I do a few things right, and I’m doing my best.  As with most people, I am taking one step at a time.

I believe that the life of a working mom, of any mom, takes endurance.  And stamina.  And strength.  I also believe that it’s easier to stay in shape than get in shape.  And that is why I’m here.


2 Responses to “First steps.”

  1. kt Says:

    You have gift! Can’t wait to read more of your writings!

  2. kt Says:

    Er, you have A gift. I was stuck on the Scottish accent from the Fatty McFatterson line above.

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